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How does an artist become one of the most well-known and appreciated artists in Atlantic Canada in just seven short years? By refusing to believe that an artist has to starve for his art. LeBlanc has sold over 3,000 paintings around the world in his short career. 

He does this by using the techniques and skills he honed over 10 years in advertising agencies – where creating an awareness and getting into the psyche of the buyer’s mind has been achieved by some very creative daring. His innovative marketing and branding activities have allowed him to move from being a part-time artist to painting full-time.

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Welcome to the World of MAGICA!

 is the fifth FUSION production and will take place in Moncton on September 26th. For tickets please click HERE. Set in a magical forest, Magica is the story of a forbidding forest that was once alive and thriving, but is now under the spell of a vengeful Queen.

For this year’s production, the main focus of the team is to make the show stronger. The past four years was all about growing the show to where it is today. Now it’s time to have fun and strive for perfection.

I’ve recently hired a production director for the show; Martin Bourque. I’ve been talking to a few people but for me the choice was simple. I’ve known Marty for over ten years now as we used to be neighbors. Marty has been producing shows for over fifteen years and has also co-founded and grown the popular band BBMB to one of the top and most profitable corporate band in New Brunswick. He brings a lot of creative and technical experience to the team. I’m extremely excited to have someone like Marty on our team.

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