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The new FUSION show TUUKO will take place in Moncton at Casino NB on September 24th. If you’re a dancer and want to get involved with the region’s most popular show, this is your opportunity. Matt LeBlanc and the team behind Les Productions FUSION Production will be holding some dance auditions for our FUSION Crew on Thursday June 9th at Danse Chaos Dance.

Shows created by Les Productions FUSION Production have grown from an audience of a few hundred into thousands, with shows in multiple cities. With a proven track record of six years, the show consistently sells out in a matter of days. Last year, we had over 2,000 people seeing our shows in Moncton and Caraquet.

Dancers, who have participated in previous shows, are always saying it was one of their best experiences as a performer. It’s not every day they have the chance to participate in a huge production that includes photo shoots, film shoots, makeup sessions, unique costumes and hours of free studio time to do what they love the most. It’s truly an unforgettable experience.



- Please provide a headshot and a short bio (one page maximum) when you come at the audition. Failing to do so will affect your chances to make the team.

- Stage expression is extremely important and a must have. Having great stage expression and/or presence is typically better in a show vs. being the best dancer from a technique stand point.  

- Dancers must commit to scheduled rehearsals in months leading up to the show and have to commit to attend all of them. The full schedule with confirmed dates will be provided and discussed at the first team meeting. We want dancers that are committed, ready to work, positive, professional and not miss any rehearsals.

- Even if Les Productions FUSION Production has partnered with Danse Chaos Dance we invite and encourage all dancers from any dance schools to attend the auditions and participate in the show. We've always done this and we believe that we want the best available dancers regardless of what dance school they attend. 


We are looking for three groups of dancers this year.

1 - Experienced dancers to play the role of TUUKANS (habitants of TUUKO). These dancers will be part of the Fusion Crew and ideally have 5 years of dance experience.
2 - Experienced dancers to play the role of “mini TUUKANS” and will be part of the Mini Fusion Crew.
3 - Extra dancers for either specific roles or to be extra dancers for certain choreography.


For the groups, we are looking for two main types of dancers: 

1-Technically trained Lyrical/Contemporary Dancers (Flexibility and acrobatics is an advantage)
2-Urban POWERFUL dancers preferably with SOME technical training



- Cost: $20/person to cover choreography, studio and teacher time.

- Choreography will be taught on the spot. There will also be a small improvisation segment.

- Arrive 15 minutes early to start warming up.

- Auditions will be video taped just so we can review later. This footage will be kept confidential and deleted after the team is complete.


GROUP 1 (age 10 to 12)

Date: Thursday June 9th

Time: 5:30 pm

Location: 164 Albert Street (Dance Chaos Studio)

GROUP 2 (age 13 to 17)

Date: Thursday June 9th

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: 164 Albert Street (Dance Chaos Studio)

GROUP 3 (age 18 to 30)

Date: Thursday June 9th

Time: 8:30 pm

Location: 164 Albert Street (Dance Chaos Studio)


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