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I never went to art school. I loved to paint when I was a kid, but I went to university thinking I would become an engineer. That lasted for a short time. After my first semester I was far more attracted to the marketing courses I was taking as optional curriculum than the numbers of engineering. So I switched over and graduated from the marketing program. Eventually I got an account executive position at a Moncton advertising agency and for about five years all was going well. But everyday I would pass by a brightly painted art supplies store on my way to work. Sometimes waiting for the traffic light to change I would wonder what it was like in there, and thinking I should stop in. Once, as I was daydreaming about learning how to paint, I saw a sign about art courses. “Art class, at my age? Art classes are for kids and retired people. I don’t know if I’d want to take an art class… maybe I could teach myself.” The honking horns brought me back to traffic and I was off, thinking no more about it.  Read more ... 


We are delighted to announce three representations of our new production TUUKO II. TUUKO II is the sequel of 2016's amazing event. It was so well received, we've decided to offer up a sequel with completely new set of characters and storyline. Don't worry if you haven't seen the previous show, you'll catch up fast enough! Please choose your location to learn more.

- Moncton: September 23, 2017; Casino NB (19 +) - Tickets on sale August 5th.

- Moncton: October 07, 2017; Capitol Theatre (all ages) - Tickets on sale August 5th.

- Fredericton: November 18, 2017; Convention Center (19 +) - Tickets on sale August 5th.


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