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The Matt LeBlanc Art Holiday Sale

Oohh! Aahh! Sale! How exciting! An art sale right before the holidays. From now until Thursday December 23rd, enjoy the following deals from Matt LeBlanc Art. Please check the site often as it will be updated often during the promotion. Please note that gift cards cannot be used with this promotion. 

Original Art 

ALL my original art in inventory is up to 25% off during my promotion. Just click on the following categories to browse what’s available: 

Custom Orders

I'm offering 20% off on ALL custom orders booked before December 21st. So if you're thinking about getting something done at a specific size and with specific colours, this is your chance. Just send me an email to book your order. It's possible to get an order done for Christmas depending when you place the order.

Gift Cards

Buy a gift card for someone else and get 25% added to the amount. So if you spend $200, you get a $250 gift card. You cannot buy a gift card for yourself. :-) You can purchase a gift card HERE and we'll make sure to add the extra 20% when we send you the card.

Pillow Cases

At only $30, these artistic pillow cases are the perfect gift for the holidays. Click HERE to see the entire collection.  

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