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He is looking to develop strategic partnerships with forward thinking interior designers, and would welcome the opportunity to work with you!
As a thank you for working with him, Matt would like to offer you a 25% incentive for recommending or buying his art for your clients. 

Matt recently received the Business Innovation award from his local Chamber of Commerce, which reiterates the fact that he is just as well known for his avant-garde approach to business, as he is his exquisite art pieces. You can rest assured he has your best interest at heart, and will work tirelessly to impress you, should you choose to embrace the opportunity to collaborate with him.  
Photo credit: room designed by Lori Pedersen Home Staging+Styling,  Aurora, Ontario


Matt Leblanc has taken the world of abstract art by storm, not only creating a following, but an actual fan base of over 25,000 people.  His art is instantly recognizable in homes and offices worldwide, and has received national acclaim as a result of being showcased on various HGTV’s popular decorating shows.  

Matt is honoured that his art has made it into the clutches of icon and powerhouse Debbie Travis, and a few dragons from the CBC hit television show Dragons’ Den. He is dedicated to serving his community and clientele in an ever-evolving, always relevant fashion, and his ventures partnering with top designers are no exception. Seeing as both parties essentially serve the same demographic, LeBlanc has found that working with interior designers is not only mutually beneficial, but also incredibly rewarding. Photo credit: room designed by Lisa Sandham Interior Design, Thunder Bay, ON


A significant portion of Matt’s work comes from creating custom pieces for his clients – roughly 70%. This is why the artist/designer collaboration is highly sought after, and precisely why designers love working with him. For each commissioned piece, Matt takes into consideration the buyer’s personal style, their colour preferences, and even style preferences. As a result, each commission becomes not only an expression of Matt’s creativity and vision, but also a vibrant reflection of the client’s true desire. Photo credit: room design by Josée LeBlanc, Azure Dezign. Dieppe NB


25% incentive program –  As a thank you for working with him, Matt would like to offer you a 25% incentive for recommending or buying his art for your clients.The bigger the artwork, the bigger the reward.

Fast & effective service
– After years of perfecting his skills, Matt can effortlessly create a custom piece for your client within a few days’ notice. This is what most interior designers appreciate about working with him. He typically has a long list of custom orders in the queue, but will give top priority to pressing projects because most of his clients are not in a rush to get their paintings. He can paint and deliver a new piece of artwork within 3-4 days, if he has the canvas in stock.

Competitive pricing – Matt LeBlanc has been selling his high quality artwork for years to clients all over the world. His strategy from the very beginning was to make art approachable, affordable and easy to purchase and he has stayed true to that vision. You will find that his prices are very affordable, creating a win-win for all involved.

Online Inventory – LeBlanc continually replenishes his art collection, with his website featuring an ongoing, generous selection. On any given day you will find between 50 to 75 pieces to choose from, which can be shipped the next day. Click HERE to see some of his current work.

“As the Production Designer on For Rent on HGTV, it's my job to assist the host Jodi Gilmour in creating great spaces for new renters in Toronto and beyond. When I got to know Bramilee and Bru, young hip newlyweds moving into their first home together, I knew the art of Matt LeBlanc would be a perfect fit. I gave Matt the sketch and gave him specific colours in my palette. After giving him an approximate size I let him have free reign on what to create. Opening the painting when they arrived to me at the midtown Toronto apartment was just as much of a surprise for me as it was for the new renters. The colours are vibrant and the abstract design was a perfect fit for this urban couple. Matt’s art became the focal point of my design and it really is a show stopper!”  

LISA CANNING is a Toronto-based interior stylist.