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Charity Work

Giving back to my community and supporting amazing charities for me is easy. It’s a no brainer. I’ve always said that I give because I can. I’m extremely grateful to have a talent that I can use to help people out. My career is booming and I’m in a place right now that I can support what is dear to my heart. 

One cause that I’m never shy to support is the fight against cancer. My family has been touched profoundly when over forty years ago my parents lost their first child to Leukemia. I can’t imagine loosing one of my children. It kills me to think what my parents went thru. I’ve never actually met my sister but I know she looks down from above and is truly proud of what I’m trying to achieve. I estimate that I have given well over $100,000 in artwork to various charities over short career as an artist. A while back, I launched a seemingly impossible mission called the Art for Life campaign. The goal was to create 200 original paintings in 184 days, with all profits from the sales going towards the fight against cancer. This project was a first for a Canadian artist, and I more than exceeded my goal by raising $40,000 for the cause.

I was truly honored when asked to be part of the New Brunswick Dream Team for the Canadian Cancer Society. I was surprised and also very grateful that they asked me to represent my province. With the help of corporate clients, I was able to raise $10,000 for the cause.  

Last but not least, in 2012 I've made the best move of my life by starting my own Foundation in the memory of my sister.  This is now my primary focus for fundraising.  You can read all about it by clicking here:  Mado's Gift Foundation, Inc.

“Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.” — Brian Tracy