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Les Productions Fusion Productions

From Matt LeBlanc’s perspective …

Like all artists, I knew an important step to having “made it” as an artist would be to have my art take centre stage in a successful art exhibition. However, the idea of a stilted (dare I say boring) wine and cheese gathering with potential patrons politely looking at my paintings hanging in a gallery didn’t fit who I am as an artist. Nor did it fit the Matt LeBlanc Art branding I had so carefully cultivated.

So back in 2010, I created a little show called “Matt LeBlanc FUSION”, with local musicians, dancers, and videos. Nothing like it had been done before in my hometown of Moncton, New Brunswick. Each year it has gotten more spectacular as my vision expanded. The show has grown from an audience of a few hundred to the thousands, with shows in multiple cities. My dream, my vision, has arrived!

The idea behind Les productions FUSION productions is simple. I want to entertain people with creativity. Such a simple concept for a show that takes thousands of hours to plan, produce and execute each year.

FUSION productions are essentially a blend of art, fashion, special effects, videos, story and performance, in a visually stunning presentation. It includes handmade and hand-painted costumes, elaborate stage design, complex choreography, and a storyline that blends everything together into something as big and bold as the Folies Bergère of the late 1800s. It also gives the opportunity for talented local artists from different performance genres to be recognized and appreciated on the big stage.

As the success of “Matt LeBlanc FUSION” expanded from a relatively simple evening to what it is today, so did my vision of what it could be. And “Les Productions FUSION Productions Inc.” was born. I wanted no boundaries, just like I won’t restrict myself to painting only on canvas. Every year, I’ve been adding new components to make the shows better and stronger so creating a new entity was the next big step in my master plan.

An important step in the branding process of the newly formed corporation was to keep the equity developed around the FUSION name but to take out the artist (aka me) out of the equation. The reason is simple. The show needs to stand on its own. The show needs its own branding. Obviously I’m still the artist behind the production but moving forward, this gives me more flexibility. The show is at a place now where people WANT to go see a FUSION production. It’s no longer about attending the show to support the artist, which was the concept for the first two years. This is the idea behind Les productions FUSION productions.

My shows have also become a solid fundraising vehicle. Since 2010, they have raised over $100,000 for various charities and that number will just keep climbing as our productions grow and expand to other markets.