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The Vision

The shows created by Les Productions FUSION productions are really unique. I don’t think there is anything like it in the world. My vision from day one was to form and grow the concept enough in my hometown that it would attract interest and create a buzz in larger centers.

With shows planned in multiple cities in upcoming years, my vision is unfolding before my eyes. It’s such a great feeling. It came with a ton of work, but so far it’s been an amazing ride.

My long-term vision for Les Productions FUSION productions is big and bold. I want to keep growing the demand for the shows and introduce them to new markets. It took me five years to bring the concept to where it is today. I’m convinced I can now bring it to the world!

Les Productions FUSION Productions’ vision is to “think outside the canvas” by engaging the imagination with creativity, delight all the senses, and stir the emotions of people attending our shows.


Ever since I started my art career in 2007, I’ve always placed a great emphasis on creativity. Any good artist can be creative on the canvas but it takes greatness to be creative outside the frame. That idea has been my mission from day one. I place creativity at the core of everything I do; to ensure limitless possibility.

Les productions FUSION productions is built on boundless creativity. With every new business opportunity I take on —whether it is a show, launching a charitable foundation, or teaching kids about art — how it will challenge me creatively is at the core of my thinking. If it isn’t challenging me, and I’m not stepping out of the canvas, it’s not enough.

Every show I do has my artistic stamp of creativity on it. In 2013, we decided to hang over 200 yards of fabric in the room. But simply purchasing colored fabric didn’t appeal to me, it wasn’t creative enough. So I painted every yard of those 600 feet. It took me forever, and I constantly questioned why I had taken it on, but the finished product was second to none. It is those details that people notice and are impressed by.

As all the shows expand and grow, so have the props, costumes and decorations that go with it. My home studio was beginning to spread into my living space so I needed to get out of the house. My new 1500 square foot studio in Dieppe allows the team to plan, develop, and implement the shows and keeps us all happy. From props and costumes, to the painted fabric and set design all the way to the art that is on display at the shows, you’ll find it all in my production space.