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Welcome to TUUKO, the 6th creation of Les Productions FUSION Productions, set to take place on September 24, 2016 at Casino NB and presented by RBC Wealth Management, Dominion Securities.

TUUKO is a place billions of light years from earth, where the inhabitants live happily under the watchful Eye of Tuuko, guardian spirit of their planet. One day, Dark Invaders descend on the village and darken the sacred Eye. Join our heroine, Abrielle as she sets out on a quest to unite the four ‘Speakers’ in beautiful harmony to awaken the Eye and bring light back to Tuuko – along with its twin planet…The Earth!

Matt LeBlanc's 6th FUSION production, TUUKO brings art to life on stage — complete with dazzling lights, uplifting music, energetic dance and rousing live performances — all presented through an engaging story. This one-of-a-kind show features a breathtaking line-up of Matt’s creations. See Matt himself create an original piece of art, live on stage. Let hand-painted costumes, artistic stage design, and many other creative inspirations draw you in. FUSION events have become more spectacular every year as Matt’s vision expands. FUSION has grown from an audience of a few hundred into the thousands, now with shows in multiple cities. 

When: Saturday, September 24, 2016 

Where: Casino New Brunswick in Moncton (19 +). We are planning a family version of TUUKO in the near future so we ask that you respect the 19 + age limit because of the location (alcool & casino).

Tickets: On sale HERE starting Saturday August 6th at 9:00am Atlantic (details below).

Show Time: Cocktail reception starts at 7:30pm. Show starts promptly at 9:00pm.

After Party: The evening will continue on until the wee hours with a black light dance party!

Art Exhibition: Free art exhibition starting at 1:00pm. Come and see all the Matt LeBlanc artworks before the show. Visitors will get a special show day discount price on all the art displayed in the lobby.

Charity: Various auction items will be on display at the event and the money raised will go to the Mado's Gift Foundation, which helps local children in need.

Accommodation: Casino NB is offering a discounted rate for show attendees. Please be sure to call early to avoid disappointment, as the hotel is always sold out on Saturdays.


Tickets go on sale Saturday August 6th at 9:00 am Atlantic Time. Tickets can be purchased on this website at the following LINK which will be active on August 6th.

You can buy tickets with a credit card or PayPal. All tickets should be bought on this website as it's easier and faster. If you have any problems, you can always call or email but all purchases will still be done on this site. 

Email:  Telephone: 506-850-3790 

Please make sure you get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

The show is sure to be a sell-out and table seating will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Seating is also prioritized by major sponsors, table sponsors, Club Fusion members, full tables and then individual tickets. So it's easier and better if you can get a full table vs. individual tickets.

We do our best to seat everyone at the same table for the number of tickets you are buying, but the earlier your tickets are purchased, the more likely it is that you will be able to sit together.

OPTION 1 - Regular Tickets: $60 + tax 


  • Cocktail reception
  • FUSION Productions show
  • Access to the after party with DJ (black light event)

OPTION 2 - Regular Tables: $600 + tax


  • A full table (seats 10)
  • Cocktail reception
  • FUSION Productions show
  • Access to the after party with DJ (black light event)

Only a limited number of full tables are available. When those sell out, we will do our best to seat groups of 10 at the same table.

    OPTION 3 - Sponsor Tables: SOLD OUT


    • Preferred seating over general admission and regular tables (BEST SEATS in the house!)
    • Marketing package promoting your business, including:
      • Logo on big digital screen with other tables sponsors running in rotation during cockail & intermissions.
      • Logo on sponsor poster
      • Logo on table tent card
      • Logo in program
      • Send me an email for more details
    • A full table (seats 10)
    • Cocktail reception 
    • FUSION Productions show
    • Access to the after party with DJ (black light event)


    If you want to get involved with one of the region's most popular show, please email us to get details on how you can be featured in front of 1,200 guests. We can feature your business in various ways and provide a custom package based on your marketing budget.

    TUUKO Storyline

    TUUKO is a place billions of light years from earth. Its inhabitants live happily under the watchful EYE OF TUUKO, guardian spirit of their planet. One day, the DARK INVADERS descend on the village and darken the eye so that it no longer shines light and protection over TUUKO. The villagers are in a frantic panic, trying to figure out what they will do without their beloved sacred eye. 

    ABRIELLE, a young TUUKAN, full of life and with the voice of an angel, is called to the side of the TUUKAN CHIEF (and ABRIELLE’s older sister), TATAIA. She lights a fire and chants, telling ABRIELLE of a prophecy foretold centuries before that the eye would go dark and evil would descend from the sky, in the form of THE DARK INVADERS - tormented souls condemned to eternally wander the outer reaches of the universe.

    The TUUKANS are the ‘watchers’ of the Earth and TUUKO Earth’s twin planet, far removed, but inextricably connected. The closing of the EYE OF TUUKO is not only a symbol of TUUKAN’s demise, but also of the Earth’s. Only by working in harmony with its twin planet will the TUUKANS – and the Earthlings – be saved.

    ABRIELLE must unite the four SPEAKERS, able to communicate with THE ELECT – a single, chosen Earthling of which there is but one per generation. At this time, THE ELECT is a young Earth girl named AVANI.

    ABRIELLE is shown four symbols, each relating to the four SPEAKERS. ABRIELLE must unite these SPEAKERS in order to summon AVANI to TUUKO, since individually their voices are not strong enough to summon THE ELECT, but in harmony they can. Only once all four SPEAKERS are united on TUUKO can THE EYE be revived, and two worlds saved.

    Will ABRIELLE rise to the challenge and save two worlds? Or will dark vengeance prevail?

    Les Productions FUSION Productions

    The idea behind Les productions FUSION productions is simple. We want to entertain people with creativity. Such a simple concept for a show that takes thousands of hours to plan, produce and execute each year.

    FUSION productions are essentially a blend of art, fashion, special effects, videos, story and performance, in a visually stunning presentation. It includes handmade and hand-painted costumes, elaborate stage design, complex choreography, and a storyline that blends everything together into something as big and bold as the Folies Bergère of the late 1800s. It also gives the opportunity for talented local artists from different performance genres to be recognized and appreciated on the big stage.

    As the success of “Matt LeBlanc FUSION” expanded from a relatively simple evening to what it is today, so did his vision of what it could be. And “Les Productions FUSION Productions Inc.” was born. Matt wanted no boundaries, just like he won’t restrict himself to painting only on canvas. Every year, he's been adding new components to make the shows better and stronger so creating a new entity was the next big step in his master plan.

    The FUSION shows have also become a solid fundraising vehicle. Since 2010, they have raised over $100,000 for various charities and that number will just keep climbing as our productions grow and expand to other markets.