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The Mado's Gift Foundation Keep Delivering Smiles

We just closed our second full year of operation at the Mado’s Gift Foundation and I’m happy to report that we received an overwhelming number of smiles from the children! With a little over $25,000 raised last year, I can definitely say that it was a successful year.

In the last year, we’ve helped more than 30 children and were very active in the school system with various art-related projects and fundraising efforts.

Aside from helping a lot of families that has a child living with cancer, we were able to buy disability sports equipment for three local schools, special swings for children in wheelchairs and also recently helped a little guy buy new hearing aids. We sometimes take life for granted. This child lost his hearing when he was two and now that he’s ten, he needs new machines that cost around $10K each. That’s a lot of money. We are happy that we could also contribute to other projects that helped this family too.

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