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The Team

Les Productions FUSION Productions’ vision is to “think outside the canvas” by engaging the imagination with creativity, delight all the senses, and stir the emotions of people attending our shows.

Over the years, I’ve found partners that shared the same vision to make my productions bigger and bolder. It wasn’t easy to let go of total control, but when I did I realized how far I could take the FUSION Productions concept. The biggest hurdle for me has been to trust others with my baby — but I’m so glad I did!

I can feel just how big my productions are becoming simply by looking at the variety and scope of expertise the people I work with leading up to the next show bring to the table. The core team is listed below but I work with other talented people like sketch artists and animators that play a big role even if they are not part of the core team.

When the show hits the stage, more than 40 people have worked directly or indirectly on the production. It’s such a great feeling to see this, considering I did everything myself for the first show five years ago!


MATT LEBLANC - Creator & Producer

Matt LeBlanc has come from virtual anonymity in his home province of New Brunswick, to become one of the most popular artists in eastern Canada and beyond.

His unique blend of art and commerce has allowed LeBlanc to sell over 3,000 paintings in more then 20 countries in less then seven years.

His work has been featured in various home decor magazines, blogs and on various TV shows airing on HGTV Canada. Matt’s ability to design a unique piece of art based on his clients’ current décor has been a big asset in developing his strong brand as an artist.

His art is also owned by reputable people like Donald Trump, Debbie Travis, Michael J. Fox, Sir Richard Branson, Kevin O’Leary, Clara Hughes and Ron Buist among many more. 

JANIQUE SIVRET AUCOIN - Production Director
GARETH MITTON - Storyteller

JOCELYNE SAULNIER - Creative Director
A lover of logos, clean lines, colour and typography, Jocelyne Saulnier is a graphic designer who provides a unique blend of creativity and practicality for a host of world-class clients. From an early age Joce has had a keen eye for detail and an obsession with perfection. Whether it was drawing Sasquatch maps as a kid or pencil sketches of Magnum PI as a teenager, she always took the time to get it absolutely right.



CATHY LANTEIGNE – Choreographer 
Cathy started dancing early in life and began teaching when she was just 16 years old. She has danced in carnivals in Singapore, France and Italy. A dance teacher at Chaos since 2012, Cathy was the main choreographer for the recent Congrès mondial Acadien and has taught dance classes in Montréal. Over the years, she has perfected her skills by dancing in Los Angeles, taking classes with the industry best dancers.




CHRIS SIMPSON – Video & Animation 
Since 2006, Christopher has produced TV ads, music videos and promotions for some of the east coast’s best-known musicians, artists, entertainers, models and fashion designers.